Are all your knives made in Japan?


Burrfection Store only carries knives made by top-tier Japanese knife makers. Please refer to the "Specs" section of each knife, for a detailed description of its origin (the town where the knife was made), and maker/workshop, the artisan/bladesmith (for high-end hand-forged knives), as well other useful information such as blade construction and steel type.

When you buy a Japanese made knife, you should have access to all the above information. Occasionally some Japanese makers may specify the steel type slightly broadly as Shirogami (White), without saying if it's #2 or #3. This is an acceptable practice. However, you should always know the maker, origin (workshop location), steel type and construction, as well as all finishing techniques, before buying a Japanese knife.

Do not buy a "Japanese knife" if the retailer/brand does not tell you exactly where the workshop is located in Japan, or the name of the craftsman (for handcrafted knives), or if they fail to disclose steel type, or use a non-existent steel name, or fail to disclose how the knife is constructed, and the hardness it is treated to. Bona-fide retailers of Japanese knives set reasonable prices according to the cost of production - taking into account forging/construction technique, steel type, quality of forging, quality of tapering, finishes, polish level, as well as the cost of the handle. Be suspicious of marketing materials that, despite saying a lot, says nothing about any key information, or brands featuring large discounts (often 80+% off) almost permanently. Chances are you'll be getting Chinese mass-produced knives worth a few dollars for the price of hundreds. Once you have had experience with Japanese made knives, you'll be able to tell immediately if a knife is Japanese made. There is no way for a fake Japanese maker in China to produce anything up to the Japanese standard. Many of the handcrafting techniques cannot even be replicated by fake knife producers. An experienced customer should be able to tell the difference easily.

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